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A 1939 graduate from Bellaire High, Nick’s athletic ability and determination enabled him to get a scholarship at the University of Cincinnati. Nick was captain of his football team in 1942 and had all American Mention, he graduated in 1943. Following his graduation in 1943, Nick was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but this had to wait as he enlisted into the Navy where he was a 90 day wonder at Mid Shipmen School and was commissioned as an officer at 22 years old at Northwestern. Nick was in the amphibious service for 3 years in WWII, landing ships in Normandy D-Day plus 6 hours.


In 1946, Nick joined the Steelers. He was 5’ 9” and 200 lbs. when he earned the starting guard position at Pittsburgh. The Chicago Bears said he was the “toughest guard” we met all season. Injuries forced him to retire from playing in 1948. His coach, Jock Sutherland, once said, “Someday, this young man will be a great coach”.

Nick accepted the Head Coach job at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, where he produced several all Americans along with undefeated seasons during his 4 years there. After completing his Masters Degree from Michigan State, Nick worked on his Doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh while there. He then moved onto Rensselar Polytechnical Institute, where after a year there, Nick was offered a line coaching job with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he began his Pro Coaching Career. He spent 5 years with Pittsburgh, then joined the Green Bay Packers for a year.
In 1959, the Eagles called and Nick joined them as assistant coach as over all defensive and running backs game. In 1960, Philadelphia won the World Championship (Super Bowl). In 1961, Nick became Head Coach for 3 years. At the end of the 1963 season, the Eagles ownership changed and Nick moved onto the Cleveland Browns. He was with them when Cleveland won the 1964 Championship and continued with Cleveland and became Head Coach of the Browns in 1971.

By 1975, Commissioner Pete Rozelle called Nick and offered him the Assistant Supervisor of Officials in the League office. Nick spent 26 years with the League office as full and part time until he retired at 80 years old. Nick has been inducted into 6 “Hall of Fames”, including the initial Hall of Fame class at the University of Cincinnati, Dapper Dan Sports and the West Penn Hall of Fame.

Nick was extremely happy doing what he loved; he thrived on mental challenges, the strategy of coaching football and working with the officials.

The “Coach” was well respected in the NFL as an astute student of the game and an expert technician. He completed 50 years in the NFL, a remarkable accomplishment. He completed 3 years as a player, 21 years as a coach and 26 years as supervisor of officials.

Nick’s greatest joy was the true love of his life, his wife of 56 years, Teresa. He loved his family and felt truly blessed to have his three children. He constantly taught, supported and showed his love to his children and 3 grandchildren. A true Hero for his family.